Saturday, October 16, 2004

Stripy Ribbed Scarf

Needle size-10
Yarn-Bulky weight Red Heart "Misty". I used whatever was left of the ball I used to make my stripy toque (AKA my jaunty new chapeau) plus another 4 oz ball.
Cast on 24 (EDIT: Sorry...mine has 36) stitches, or however wide you want it (multiple of six)
Knit 3, purl 3 all the way across the row. Repeat until it's as long as you want.

Final dimensions-mine wound up being about five and a half feet long and about six inches wide. And wow, is it ever soft and comfy!!!


Donna said...

psst. pictures. :)

The Teacher said...

Oh, I know. :p They're coming. I just need to bring up my completed stuff and play with the webcam.


Actually, that's not that much work...

Devon said...

Why did you choose Red Heart? Are you loyal to a specific brand of yarn?

This is a pressing question for me, because I can't seem to bring myself to buy anything but Bernat. :)

The Teacher said...

Red Heart "Misty" was on clearance at I got my staff discount on top of the fact that it was $2 or $3 for either 4 oz (varigated) or 6 oz (solid colour). Plus, the colours are phenomenal and it's so soft, AND because it's bulky, it knits up so fast I'm spoiled.

I tend to buy yarn that's on clearance...because I get to find out what's on clearance, and I get my staff discount. :D