Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kate: Read this before you start that hat!

Now that I've got your attention... ;)

Check your yarn! If you're using worsted weight yarn, you'll need to add 22 stitches onto your initial cast-on, then follow the same directions. I used bulky, but adapted it so that it fit. Gauge isn't stupidly important for hats, but you might wind up with one that will only fit your sister if you follow the directions I gave.


Donna said...

hmm. I'm using Shetland chunky by Patons. Must find out what the hell this means to me. :)

Donna said...

although hey, my sister could use a hat, too. I'm making a second one for myself. :)

The Teacher said...

Chunky...that might be bulky, or it might be higher. You actually should be ok.