Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Suck it.

Stupid comment spam...now comments have to be confirmed it's a real person. Idiots.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


This blog's getting more comment action than my main one!!

So, I've been knitting very little, although I've got a couple gift-y things planned. I've learned how to crochet (kinda sorta) and I'm tatting like crazy. That's my craft stuff.

I guess I should be thankful for the spammer...it made me pay attention to here again.

I've been doing teacher training, so there's been less time for most stuff. I'm thinking of changing this to a less knitting-based blog and more craft based, since I'm doing a lot of other fibre art now.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Ok, so now there are two directions for my poncho. Whatever. :P Currently I'm working on a black ribbed tank top in fluffy soft yarn. It's very forgiving of mistakes.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Net Poncho

Needle size: 35mm
Yarn: Red Heart Misty in light purple
Cast on: 40
Pattern: knit one row, purl one row until it's long enough to wrap around self. Sew one end to the side of the other end without twisting it.

Photos to come.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Purple Poncho Madness

Needle size-35 mm
Yarn-purple Red Heart "Misty"
Cast on-40
Pattern-knit one row, purl one row (hehe...I typed "purple" instead of purl) until it's really freaking long, then do a weird twisty thing to sew one end perpendicular to the other end without actually twisting the cloth over

Final dimensions-poncho size

Pictures will be forthcoming.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

New toy.

I got something called the "Knifty Knitter", which is a set of four round knitting looms. I got it the other day and tried it out tonight making the hat described below. As soon as I get my camera working again, I'll get a picture of it, or else get a picture of the intended receiver wearing it. :) Either way.

The Knifty Knitter is really cool and REALLY easy to figure out, especially if one already knows how to knit. I finished the hat in less than two hours after opening the package.

Knifty Knitter Baby Hat

Needle size-Second smallest ring
Yarn-light green bulky yarn
Pattern-knit around for about six or seven inches, bind off and draw the top tight. Add a poofy pom pom if you want.

Final dimensions-big enough for a toddler, I think. I didn't have a toddler to measure it on. I'll give better ones later...when I get a child to model it.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Ooh, actual content...

Question for all ya stash-a-holics out there. What's a good way to store the stash? Currently I've got mine either stacked in shelves (a la knitting stores) or in plastic drawers (not airtight) or in a big giant Tupperware-esque container. They can breathe in all these places, nothing is airtight and I don't have any yarn that is composed of wool, so moths aren't a worry. Damp DEFINITELY is a worry, as those of youse who have been following my other blog know, so I don't want it stored in a way that mold will grow. Also, I don't have pets, nor does anyone smoke.

Update for Update's sake

Still not knitting. Battling evil flood waters of ultimate DOOOOOOOOOOM. Yuck. Did some stuff on the side bar, but it's not showing up yet. I'm lame-HTML person. Yup. That's about it.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Not Much With the Knitting

I haven't been knitting much lately. I've been carrying my knitting around with me, but I've been doing other stuff whenever I get where I'm going. I haven't been watching TV solo either, or waiting for buses. These are my gold knitting times.

So, yeah. :p