Thursday, January 27, 2005

Knifty Knitter Baby Hat

Needle size-Second smallest ring
Yarn-light green bulky yarn
Pattern-knit around for about six or seven inches, bind off and draw the top tight. Add a poofy pom pom if you want.

Final dimensions-big enough for a toddler, I think. I didn't have a toddler to measure it on. I'll give better ones later...when I get a child to model it.


Donna said...

If you want to loan it to me, I can test it on my sister. :)

The Teacher said...

:) Thanks, Kate. I'll probably see NNY pretty soon, and since it's actually for Drew, I'll just make sure to get a photo of her wearing it (or tearing off...I'm not sure how much she likes hats)

Anonymous said...

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