Friday, November 26, 2004

Knitting Circle

I would like to start a knitting circle, and I've been thinking about names. A couple I've thought of are "Stitching Bitches", "Naked Knitting", "Chicks with Sticks" (Chicks and Dicks with Sticks, if we get a member [hee hee] of the male persuasion). Anyone else got any ideas?

I know that I can totally host the knitting thing starting in March or so (Burnaby), but Kate and D would probably like it right where they live... so I open the floor. I figure if there isn't a knitting group in the next three months, I'll be organizing it. Besides, I'll be right out by Peechie and pretty close to no name yet. :) (Neither of whom have expressed interest in a knitting group, but hey, I'm just like Florida...counting votes 'creatively' ;) )


Donna said...

I've actually joined a knitting meetup here:

We're meeting next Wednesday in Burnaby, you should come too. That way I'll at least know someone... :)

Bu if you started one, I'd totally come to that too. :)

Justy said...

You could join us at the "Knitting and Beer" Stitch and Bitch in Burnaby too. I've only been to one meeting but it was lots of fun. You can get the info at the blog

The Teacher said...

Kate: signed up after receiving your comment. :)

Hey, thanks Justy. Wow...that was really of my good friends uses "Justy" as a handle as well...and he's definitely not a knitter.

Glad to have you here! I'm hoping to get to that meet actually. :D

Donna said...

btw, if you want to have a stitch & bitch downtown, I'm happy to offer up my apartment. My roommate would probably be into it too, and she's a fabulous knitter (hell, she even spins her own wool.)

Public spaces are always fun to knit in, too -- there are a few nice coffeeshops around here with comfy chairs and such that would be nice to descend upon. :)

Justy said...

I'll be at the Monday, December 6, 2004 at 7:30 PM. It sounds like it's going to be at Connections this time. Hope to see you there.