Saturday, September 11, 2004

Yadda yadda yadda-new blog

So, in November, I started knitting. So far, I've completed two scarves, a baby afghan, a toque, a weird little "cylinder cap" and various rectangles and squares with the leftover scraps of yarn. This is mostly for myself so that I remember how I did these things, but feel free to use the patterns if you want. Most of them I've adapted from books or magazines.

I decided I wanted to learn how to knit after seeing balls of Bernat "Boa" coming through my till at the craft store I worked at. The thought process went something like this... "I NEED a scarf made out of this stuff. I can't knit. I don't know anyone who knits. Ok...time to learn how to knit."

My favourite way to knit is while watching DVD's of TV shows. I knitted almost my entire striped toque during about eight episodes of Queer as Folk, season 1.

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